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Is on!

I have the pleasure to tell you that the website is coming up again. If you want to know what happen here. I got Hacked  on the main website but since, i got this account of google and work a couple months of grinding my head upon making a website the old fashion way, it will take months and years to fix main problems. I figure it out, at least the basic point of view, as a professional website programmer or a front programmer, or however is called, will notice that I am a "noob" for computers or rather an amateur for this kind of work, you might be right remember amateur means also that the objective is not that i do it for the money I do it for the enjoyment (as I type this at 3 A.M.). The reason i make this post is so i can make more things on the website instead that could be a point of confusion or the page is not finish hence amateur as well. But everything aside, this is a post for the future of this website, possibly, hopefully workable and informative of the ne
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Fame exploding

Hey everybody I have great news the website will have a new face-lift since my friends and I, we are becoming kind of famous there is one job here and social media post there that got attention. My friend CoalMintWolf just told me his adventure to be kind of popular Tiktok user since has been some days and is already grabbing companions and making videos are getting noticed and commented on, not only that but getting noticed to know people and online communities alike. This is not all, I got another friend called S. Wolf or Silver Wolf is doing his name for himself, this is a man, is looking for somebody to help him with various task but his book is in the rise on, I cannot recommend enough his book Kinzurdia and series for the future as this article is been written. In the mean time this is huge news and we are looking for talent and publication and popularity to spread the word for the book series and more... I hope in the future this book can be in more things like

The bloggin posting

This is the first trying to make post for the Nevermind Studios as well Funkyjoe channels on twitch and youtube. this is more like a test for the future posts for the website, streams and videos. I wanted to make announcements but i don't want to be overwhelming on discord. I need help to work the videos, streams and website. Really have so much love when it comes to my channel but i gotta say is kinda complicated. So personally i need to fix a couple of things for the website, i see this is takin much more time that i thought so i am goingn to fix it woooooooo. yeah completely professional destruction of website why not.